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Release Date: September 9th, 2014
Genre(s): Online Shared Shooter
Publisher(s): Activision
Developer(s): Bungie
Multiplayer: Yes, Number of Players TBA
Co-op: Yes, Number of Players TBA

Watch The New Destiny ViDoc “Out Here In The Wild”

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 23 Aug 2013 |

If you’re not excited yet, this may help.

Bungie are one of our favorite developers, and their upcoming shooter, Destiny, is one of our most anticipated games of 2014. Yesterday, during their Gamescom presentation they released a new ViDoc that doesn’t help make the wait any easier.

New Destiny ViDoc Released

The new ViDoc, titled “Out Here In the Wild”, gives us another look at the massive world they have created, some of the characters and enemies that we’ll meet, some of the vehicles we’ll have access to, character customization, weapons we’ll be able to use and much more.

Seriously, watch the video below and tell me that you’re not at least a little bit excited for Destiny and to see what the guys who created Halo are giving us next.

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