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Grand Theft Auto 5 Stunt Jump Locations Guide

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 17 Sep 2013 |

Show Off with all of the stunt jumps.

It’s a true GTA tradition to have a number of Stunt Jumps scattered throughout the map and in Grand Theft Auto 5, players will need to find all 50 if they want to earn the Show Off Achievement / Trophy. This guide will show you were to find them. Be sure to also check out our GTA 5 Easy Money guide, and our GTA 5 Cheat Codes guide.

GTA 5 Stunt Jumps


GTA V Stunt Jump Locations:

1 – In Burton, in the upper middle, drive through the building that a road goes through and launch off on the right, onto San Vitus Blvd.

2 – Downtown, on Alta St, launch off through a gap in the fence.

3 – In Pillbox Hill, find a set of stairs level with the road that have a broken guard rail. Jump down onto Integrity Way.

4 – In La Mesa, get on the Del Perro Freeway and look for a sheet metal ramp on the right side of the road.

5 – In Pillbox Hill, launch off of Power St from a gap marked with traffic cones.

6 – In Pillbox Hill / Elgin Ave, find a small parking garage and drive up the ramp, launching off some plywood at the top.

7 – In Strawberry, on Mission Row, look for a fenced in area with a number of boats. Launch off of the brightly colored ramp.

8 – In Strawberry, find a parking garage on Capitol Blvd. Launch off of the ramp on the upper level, back onto Capitol Blvd.

9 – In Rancho / Innocence Blvd, go to the roof of a parking garage on Roy Lowenstein Blvd and launch onto Innocence Blvd.

10 – In El Burro Heights, find a ramp near some oil derricks and buildings.

11 – In terminal, next to a docked cargo ship look for a ramp that sends you over water and onto a road.

12 – On Elysian Island, near stacked cargo containers, launch off of a pile of dirt and over the train tracks.

13 – On Elysian Island find the main road that crosses the water between the two section of Elysian Island and launch off of a pile of dirt beside it.

14 – On Elysian Island, down from Stunt Jump #13, jump the same body of water by launching form a ramp that goes through a truck trailer.

15 – On Elysian Island, souther dock, find another truck trailer ramp and jump up to the road.

16 – On Elysian Island, left of Stunt Jump #15, use another truck trailer ramp to launch across water toward two cranes.

17 – On Elysian Island, in the same area as #15 and #16, head in the opposite direction and use another truck trailer ramp to jump onto the roof of a building.

18 – On Elysian Island, drive past the ramp used in #17 and you will find another truck trailer ramp further down the pier.

19 – Elysian Island, on the opposite sid of the buildings from #17 and #18, look for another truck trailer ramp.

20 – Elysian Island, on the right side of same pier as the previous two Stunt Jumps, find yet another trailer ramp near a low building.

21 – In Banning, jump over the river from the loading area into the area with large white oil tanks.

22 – In front of the Los Santos International Airport, launch off of a promotional ramp marked “Prepare for Take Off.”

23 – In the opposite direct from #22, drive straight and you’ll find this Stunt Jump.

24 – On the opposite side of the Los Santos Airport from #22 and #23, find another “Prepare for Take Off” ramp.

25 – In La Puerta, on the free way, look for some construction on the mid level and launch off a pile of dirt.

26 – In La Puerta, in the canal, heading west, look for a ramp that will take you over a road into a parking lot.

27 – In La Puerta, on the opposite side of the canal and heading in the opposite direction from #26, jump over a spillway.

28 – In Little Seoul, head south on the freeway and look for a ramp in the road.

29 – In Little Seoul, north of #28, heading south, look for a ramp that will launch you off of the freeway to the right.

30 – In Little Seoul, launch from Adam’s Apple Blvd, between some buildings, onto Palamino.

31 – In Pillbox Hill, lauch off of the parking garage that is located in the midst of the skyscrapers.

32 – In Little Seoul, find a pile of dirt that will launch you across the Del Ferro Freeway.

33 – In Little Seoul, on Vespucci Blvd, look for a pagoda on th side of the road and jump through it.

34 – In northwestern Del Perro, veer off of the freeway on to some grass an launch down on to the road below.

35 – In Pacific Bluffs, launch off of the upper level of a building called “The Jetty.”

36 – In Burton, find the building with a drive-through, circular, courtyard. Launch through the far end of it, into Rockford Hills.

37 – In Rockford Hills, look across the road from the church and launch off of the ramp of a small parking structure.

38 – GWC and Golfing Society, in the golf course, jump over the broken bridge.

39 – Vinewood Hill, Richman, look for a driveway that is blocked by construction barriers, break through them and drive straight to find a ramp.

40 – In the upper Vinewood Hills, go up the hill and lauch over Baytree Canyon Rd.

41 – In Raton Canyon, on a dirt road, lauch off of a rock formation that is shaped like a ramp.

42 – ALamo Sea, on a dirt road, look for another ramp shaped rock formation.

43 – Paleto Bay, on the road near the water, lauch off of the end of a broken pier.

44 – Paleto Bay, find a dirt ramp in the fenced in construction area.

45 – Mount Gordo, on the road that heads to the water, drive past a house, and launch toward the lighthouse.

46 – In Sandy Shores, jump over the broken motel.

47 – In Grand Senora Desert, near the airstrip, jump over a large rock formation using a dirt ramp.

48 – In Grand Senora Desert, jump from near the wind farm, into the prison.

49 – Grand Senora Desert, on the freeway near the windfarm look for a dirt ramp.

50 – In Ron Alternates Wind Farm, launch off of a dirt ramp onto the freeway.

If you prefer this guide in video form, check out the video below from our friend PowerPyx:


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