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Dark Souls 2 Review

Dark Souls 2

Release Date: March 11th, 2014
Genre(s): Action RPG
Publisher(s): Namco Bandai
Developer(s): From Software
Multiplayer: 2-4 Player Online
Co-op: 1-3 Player Online

Dark Souls 2 North American Beta Codes Going Out On Thursday

Posted by Scott Grant | 23 Oct 2013 |

Get in on the Dark Souls 2 Network test.

It’s been a bit of a wait but it’s finally time to join your Asian and European brothers as they praise the sun in the Dark Souls 2 Beta Network Test. That is, if you’re quick enough.

Dark Souls 2


According to a post on the Dark Souls 2 Facebook page, Players will receive PSN messages with codes for the Dark Souls II PS3 Network Test on Thursday 10/24 at 11:00AM PDT.

The full details from Namco Bandai are as follow:

Players will receive PSN messages with codes for the Dark Souls II PS3 Network Test on **Thursday 10/24 at 11:00AM PDT**.

We will also post a universal code here on the Facebook page.

The first 30,000 people to redeem a code will be able to download the Network Test client. If you are unable to redeem a code, that means the Network Test is full.

Q: What time will the servers be online?
A: The servers will be online from **11:00PM PDT on Saturday 10/26 to 2:00 AM PDT Sunday 10/27**. This is also posted onhttp://beta.darksoulsii.com/us/schedule.html

Q: If I was in the last test, do I have to redeem another code?
A: You will not need to redeem another code, you are guaranteed access to the next round if you already redeemed a code for the first round.

Q: How do I report bugs or issues with the Network Test?
A: The ‘Form’ page on Beta.DarkSoulsII.com will be updated to allow you to report any bugs you encounter during your experience: http://beta.darksoulsii.com/us/


I know I’ll be checking my PSN message box every 30 seconds on the 24th, what about you?

Update: Namco Bandai have posted the PSN download code and say it is now open for 90,000 downloads. It was throwing an error but is now working and downloading for us. Try it out: 38QQ-8DNE-97AA

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  • Enough Popup Bullshit

    Haha, look at the times. 11 pm to 2 am pacific standard time. That’s 2 – 5 am Eastern standard time by the way.