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Our Favorite Tom Clancy Games -

Our Favorite Tom Clancy Games

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 03 Oct 2013 |

We salute a legend.

To this day, no author has been closer to the video game industry than Tom Clancy. It’s rare that one person can see so much success in one form of media, but Clancy’s books were bestsellers, the movie adaptations were blockbusters, and his video games are still some of the most successful series of all time. He co-founded game development studio Red Storm Entertainment which still makes fantastic games under the Ubisoft umbrella.

Our staff members are all huge fans of the Tom Clancy games and have spent many hours playing them together. With Clancy’s recent death, at the age of 66, wanted to pay tribute to the man and his legend with a list of our Favorite Tom Clancy games. Here they are, in no particular order:

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta


Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – From its beginnings as the deeply tactical PC game, the Rainbow Six series really hit its stride with Rainbow Six Vegas and truly blew us away with Vegas 2. Vegas 2 kept the strategic roots of the series in tact while adding elements of action that gave the series a broader appeal. When we were done playing through the gripping campaign we spent countless hours playing the co-op terrorist hunt mode.

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 – The GRAW games showed us what war would look like in the future, with the inevitable technological advances the military is working on right now. GRAW 2 was at times one of the most frustrating, but ultimately the most satisfying, co-op games we’ve ever played. The Controller Online crew spent many hours leading our squad through enemy filled battlefields, calling out orders and encouragement to each other. Few games, in any genre, have had us playing together as often as GRAW 2.

Splinter Cell Conviction – Conviction brought the adventures of Sam Fisher down to a more personal level in one of the most powerful and dark stories in any Tom Clancy Game. The addition of a full, separate, co-op campaign starring two other spies, Archer and Kestrel, sealed the deal for us with its own compelling story and even more intense ending.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Taking the technology of the GRAW series to the next level, Future Soldier showed us that war is still war even if you have a pile of futuristic gadgets at your disposal. Future Solider doesn’t turn special forces into super heroes and frequently reminds you just how vulnerable you are as you make use of visual cloaking systems and sensor drones.

Splinter Cell Blacklist – While Conviction may have a stronger story, Blacklist isn’t any less impressive. It features a great single-player campaign, plenty of co-op missions to keep you and a friend busy, and the return of the fan favorite Spies Vs Mercs multiplayer modes. Whether you feel like busting down doors with a Machine Gun or hiding in the shadows with a silencer, Sam Fisher is your man.

Leave a comment below and let us know how you’ll be remembering Tom Clancy.

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