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Tips For Making Money In Grand Theft Auto Online

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 10 Oct 2013 |

Get paid.

Now that Rockstar are getting GTA Online into a more stable state it’s time to figure out some ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto 5’s online mode.

GTA Online Money


There aren’t any true ways to make easy money in GTA Online but there are some activities that you can focus on to make yourself some quick money. Here is what we’ve come up with so far, and we’ll be adding to this guide as we figure out more ways to make money so feel free to leave your tips in the comments (be detailed, please):

Low Level

1. Robbing Stores – Sticking up a convenience store is a very quick way to make $1000 – $2000.

2. Sell Cars to Los Santos Customs – The car repair and modification shop, Los Santos Customs, will buy low and mid level cars for a decent profit if you bring them the right vehicles. You won’t be able to sell the rarer, high end, cars you may find during the game and you’ll only be able to sell one car per day of game time (48 minutes in real time). The most common cars, that fetch a decent price, are the Gallivanter Baller ($9000) and the Dundreary Landstalker ($8000)

3. Cars for Simeon – Periodically, Simeon will text you a list of cars he wants you to steal. Bringing these cars to his warehouse will net your far more money than his standard missions will.

4. Races – Races are good for leveling up your racing skill and making some money. Winning a race will net between $4000 – $5000 but you will still get a couple grand for finishing lower.

5. Killing other Players – If you’re in a public game you can try taking out some other players. Cash they haven’t deposited in the bank yet will be yours.

Mid Level

6. Jobs – The other characters, such as Lamar, Gerald, Simeon, and Lester, will text you with Job offers, asking you to perform missions for them. Take as many of these as you can and call these characters to ask for jobs when they’re staying quiet. When you find a job that pays particularly well, try replaying it as some Jobs are repeatable.

7. Armored Trucks – Eventually, Lester will call you to tell you that you can rob armored trucks. At this point, armored trucks carrying cash to the banks of Los Santos will periodically appear on the map. Shoot the drivers and blow open the back doors with a sticky bomb and you’ll net yourself between $9000 and $17,000.

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