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PS4 Midnight Release Openings -

PS4 Midnight Release Openings

Posted by Scott Grant | 11 Nov 2013 |

Start the next generation with a new console at midnight.

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the next console generation starts on November 15th, 2013, when the Playstation 4 hits its release date so we’ve gathered a list of midnight release openings so you can get yours first.

Playstation 4 System Hardware


GameStop / EB Games

USA – Stores across the country will be opening late for the midnight release of the PS4. Click here to find out if your local store is participating.

Canada – A long list of Gamestop and EB Games stores in Canada will be open for the PS4 midnight release, for pre-order holders only. Click here to see the list of participating stores.

United Kingdom – No midnight release openings announced yet.

Australia – There are quite a few EB Games stores that are holding special midnight release events and early openings for the Playstation 4. Click here to see the list of stores and other details about the events.


Best Buy

USA – Click here, and then scroll down to find the link for PS4 midnight release, click the link to find stores in your State.

Canada – Select Best Buy stores in Canada are opening at midnight for the Playstation 4 for pre-order customers to pick up their consoles. Select stores will also have 100 consoles available for non-pre-order customers. Click here for all the details.



United Kingdom – It looks like the majority of GAME stores will be opening both at midnight and early the next day for the release of the PS4. Click here to see the full list.



USA and Canada –The latest Wal-Mart flyer shows that they will be opening at midnight for the release of the PS4, but it doesn’t say which stores are opening. It’s probably best to check with your local Wal-Mart for more details. Canadian stores and American stores.


Future Shop

Canada – Select Future Shop stores will be open at midnight for the PS4 release and all stores will be opening early, at 8AM on the 15th. Click here for details.


If you know of any midnight release events for the Playstation 4 that aren’t listed here, let us know in the comments below and please be sure to include the link.

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