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Xbox Live Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals -

Xbox Live Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

Posted by Scott Grant | 26 Nov 2013 |

Lots of digital deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Xbox Live.

Black Friday used to be just for the retail stores but Xbox Live is getting in on the action before Cyber Monday with a bunch of great digital game deals.

Xbox live update


Xbox Live will have a number of deals that run from November 26th until December 2nd, 2013, with special one-day deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Persistent Week-Long Offers (26, Nov. – 2, Dec.)
Content Type % Off
The Bureau XCOM Declassified Games On Demand 67%
Deadpool Games On Demand 40%
God Mode XBLA 50%
Skyrim Games On Demand 50%
Skyrim: Dragonborn Add-On 50%
Skyrim: Dawnguard Add-On 50%
Fallout 3 Games On Demand 50%
Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Add-On 66%
Fallout 3: Point Lookout Add-On 66%
Fallout 3: The Pitt Add-On 66%
Fallout 3: Operation: Anchorage Add-On 66%
Fallout 3: Broken Steel Add-On 66%
Wolfenstein 3D XBLA 75%
The Cave XBLA 75%
Rockstar Table Tennis Games On Demand 66%
Tomb Raider Games On Demand 50%
Sleeping Dogs Games On Demand 38%
Mark Of The Ninja XBLA 66%
Mark Of The Ninja Special Edition Add-On 66%
Runner 2 XBLA 50%
Sacred Citadel XBLA 50%
Deadblock XBLA 75%
Motocross Madness XBLA 75%
Dust XBLA 66%
Metro Last Light Games On Demand 50%
Puzzle Quest Challenge Of The Warlords XBLA 70%
Puzzle Quest Galatix XBLA 57%


Black Friday 1-Day Offers (29, Nov. Only)
Content Type % Off
Diablo III (US, CA & MX Only) Games On Demand 33%
WWE 2K14 Games On Demand Games On Demand 33%
WWE 2K14 Accelerator DLC Add-On 50%
Halo 4 Champions Bundle Add-On 50%
Rayman Legends Games On Demand 50%
Magic 2014 XBLA 50%
Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Games On Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe Games On Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Games On Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows Games On Demand 67%
X-Men: Destiny Games On Demand 50%
X-Men: Origins Wolverine Games On Demand 67%
X-Men: The Official Game Games On Demand 67%
Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisien Games On Demand 66%
Onechanbara Games On Demand 80%


Cyber Monday 1-Day Offers (2, Dec. Only)
Content Type % Off
Far Cry Blood Dragon XBLA 75%
Red Dead Redemption Games On Demand 75%
The Witcher 2 Games On Demand 75%
Dark Souls Games On Demand 75%
BattleBlock Theater XBLA 67%
Rayman Origins Games On Demand 50%
L.A. Noire Games On Demand 75%
Fast And Furious: Showdown Games On Demand 75%
Men In Black: Alien Crisis Games On Demand 75%

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