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Xbox One Demo Video Shows Off The Slick New Dashboard -

Xbox One Demo Video Shows Off The Slick New Dashboard

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 08 Nov 2013 |

A closer look at the One.

Microsoft released a new Xbox One demo video today, which features Xbox executives Marc Whitten and Yusuf Mehdi, as they give us a tour of the next-gen console’s new dashboard.

Xbox One Demo Video Shows Off New Dashboard

The lack of focus on core games still doesn’t sit well with me, and I could care less about watching TV on my gaming console, but for those who do, the Xbox One looks like a really well designed all-in-one entertainment device. With features like the seamless switching between games and apps, how well Skype calls look and sound, what seems like a really quick and easy to use game clip editor, and the quick and accurate response time of the new Kinect, the Xbox One is an impressive successor to the Xbox 360. Microsoft still have a lot of work to do, especially when it comes to bringing in more real games and less Kinect-centric ones, but this is a nice start to win me over.

Whether you plan on getting an Xbox One when it launches on November 22nd, or waiting until more game are released, check out the video below to get a nice look at what you can expect when you get your hands on it.

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