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Dark Souls 2 Review

Dark Souls 2

Release Date: March 11th, 2014
Genre(s): Action RPG
Publisher(s): Namco Bandai
Developer(s): From Software
Multiplayer: 2-4 Player Online
Co-op: 1-3 Player Online

Five Things Playstation Access Has Learned About Dark Souls 2

Posted by Scott Grant | 29 Jan 2014 |

It’s still hard.

While the rest of us are counting the days until Dark Souls 2’s release date, the guys at Playstation Access had a chance to check out the game themselves and they’re ready to show you five things they learned.

Dark Souls 2 Dual Swordsman


In a demo playthrough with Namco Bandai, Playstation Access discovered that:

1. Every enemy is dangerous – This is nothing new to fans of the Souls series, but always an important fact to keep in mind. Even the lowliest minion is usually only two or three hits away from killing you at any time.

2. Weapon choice is crucial – Dark Souls 2 offers three weapon slots for each hand and choosing the right one for each situation is going to be one of your keys to success.

3. Get yourself behind every enemy – Every enemy is easier to take down from behind, and you also get to see the cool new backstab animations that Dark Souls 2 has to offer.

4. Bosses are still punishing – The now famous ‘Mirror Knight’ shows you just how tough the bosses can be if you don’t pay attention to their patterns and build a strategy.

5. Each class is unique – Your starting choice of character class: Soldier, Warrior, Sorcerer, Temple Knight, Dual Swordsman, or Hunter, is a more important choice than ever before. Starting abilities and stats are more unique for each class this time around so choose wisely.

Check out the Dark Souls 2 video demo from Playstation Access below, and while you do, I’m going to add my own sixth thing that I learned: the guys at Namco Bandai need some practice. Enjoy:


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  • TheCaptain

    Wow, what useful tips. Enemies are dangerous?! Who’d have thunk it! It sucks that the people that get early access to this game never know what they’re talking about. The Mirror Knight definitely does not summon a copy of you.

    • RMB

      Well, it’s nothing unique to the Souls series, but in many games it’s like the regular mobs hit you with chopsticks. But in the Souls games even the most basic enemies can kill you in a couple of hits if you’re being an idiot. They’re just basically confirming that that hasn’t changed.