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Playstation Plus February 2014 Lineup -

Playstation Plus February 2014 Lineup

Posted by Scott Grant | 30 Jan 2014 |

Big scares and little cars.

Playstation Plus continues to deliver a solid lineup of free games for subscribers and today February 2014’s lineup has been revealed.

Playstation Plus February 2014


As has been the trend, there is a little something for every platform holder to add to their instant game queue. PS4 owners will get the fantastically scary PC hit, Outlast. PS3 owners will get Payday 2, Remember Me, and one of our favorites, Metro Last Light. Finally PS Vita owners can grab ModNation Racers: Road Trip and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Once again, Playstation Plus delivers a solid lineup of games for subscribers, check out the Playstation Plus February 2014 preview video below:


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  • http://www.adamscotthouse.com/ Adam

    What an awesome month! All great and stuff i haven`t got around to playing yet. Except Payday 2, that title should be ashamed of itself. The only thing worse is part 1.