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About Us

What is The Controller and why is it Online?

The Controller Online is an independent video game news site, based in Halifax, NS, Canada, that focuses on providing information to gamers, with a taste of our opinion thrown in. We aren’t owned by a large corporation, we pay for a lot of the games we play and review and we don’t have a large staff of writers who are more concerned with sounding clever, than they are with being honest. What we do have is a core team of people who are passionate about video games, and a dream. Our dream is to be your trusted source for video game info and honest, player-focused reviews. Since a wise man once said “If you have a dream, put it on the internet”, here we are.

We created this site because we love video games. We want to bring you the latest News, Previews, Reviews and guides for video games written from a gamer’s perspective. While we predominantly cover Xbox 360 games you will also see some other platforms covered. Being independent, we don’t have a large staff or pool of resources to enable us to cover every detail of every system platform so, for now, we’ll continue to cover the Xbox 360 primarily, and other platforms when we can. At The Controller Online you will get info and news about games that is directed at giving you a clear idea of whether you want to play a particular game or not.

Our reviews are written by gamers, for gamers, to give you the information you will need to decide whether a game is for you or not. Our reviews aren’t focused on pandering to established franchises or on pretending to be journalists or intellectuals. We write reviews and previews so you, the reader, can decide. Our news will focus on the games rather than the industry.

Some Articles Include:

News – general news about upcoming and previously released games may include game announcements, details on downloadable content (DLC), great deals on games and anything else you need to know on a daily basis.

Features – these articles include top five lists, free game spotlights, editorials and more.

Guides – is a section dedicated to game guides to help you find all the collectibles, earn a certain achievement/trophy or to find some help solving some puzzles.

Previews – are a look at an upcoming game. These can be in-depth and cover all the details or just details of a certain aspect.

Reviews – Our in-depth review of each game along with a score. To see how we decide the score go to Our Review Score FAQ

Indie Game Spotlight – We let you know the details on the best Indie games available on Xbox Live. These aren’t formal reviews and aren’t assigned as score. The reason for this is that we don’t review every Indie Game we only write-up the ones worth playing so we don’t think it’s fair to score them.

As much as we love the Xbox 360, and it is the primary focus of the site, we don’t have anything against other Platforms and actually we play games on them quite a bit too. We will write about upcoming and current games on other systems, but don’t cover them nearly as in-depth as we do Xbox 360 games. Since the majority of games are multi-platform nowadays anyway, chances are we’re already covering them on Xbox.

You can meet The Staff here and check the Games menu here for all the info on current and upcoming games.

Thanks for stopping by the site, tell your friends, leave a comment and come back soon.

~The Controller Online Team